Monday, 22 September 2014

Goldie has been sold..!

No more sailing for a while, our last couple of sails have seen Eileen a little green, as she has not been using the sea sickness tablets (Kwells) I bought in the UK. Mainly cause she's pregnant !
As good a time as any to wind up what has been a epic couple of summers.  Its been a steep learning curve, and after much tweaking, and refinement, Goldie was sailing brilliantly, with easy to find upwind speed (5.2 knots ) hard on the wind, and easy 7 knots downwind surfing. We've both enjoyed sailing, but there was always some sort of drama every time we went out, minor or major like breaking the boom !
Goldie has a new owner, and I believe she's residing in the Whangarei trailer compound in Parua bay.
I've gone back to my surfing for a while, which is a little less time consuming (a little :-) )